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Valencia College
Advanced Trigonometry School Bookstore Price: $60.00 TextRent Best Price: $45.00
Fundamentals of Biochemistry: Life at the Molecular Level School Bookstore Price: $229.35 TextRent Best Price: $66.40
Major Problems in American History, Volume II School Bookstore Price: $83.85 TextRent Best Price: $28.88
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It’s called a mathematical equation, bro. If you rent your textbooks for cheaper, then you have more cash to spend on your…umm…extracurricular activities. (Booze, basket weaving or video games…we’re not judging.) The bookstore prices are insane, so TextRent.com makes it easy to check all the popular websites and compare their prices to the bookstore. You find the best textbook rental prices, period.

You can find way better stuff to do with your time than price checking for text books, so TextRent.com makes it simple, too. Just tell us what class you’re taking, and we’ll spit out the best prices. Our system’s pretty badass. We already know what books you need for each of your classes, and we give you real-time prices from the most legit textbook rental sites out there and compare them with the bookstore.

It’s the best idea since beer buckets and duct tape (don’t ask). So relax, man. Stop stressing about affording books this year. Start your search by selecting your school above, or sign in with your Facebook login and we’ll save your searches for later. Look, we’re not saying TextRent.com will make you any smarter, just a lot richer.